The ONA Tribe were the first inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego, in the Chilean Patagonia.

They kept away from civilization for as long as any other indigenous ethnic group, maintaining their spirit intact for centuries.
The ONA Special Reserve range from Viña Anakena rescue that courageous and daring spirit,

offering wines in accordance to the characteristics of their origin and elegance, refinement and audacity.

The Aymara culture called the dawn Alwa, the break of a new day without knowing what was going to happen.

That is the inspiration for the creation of unique wines that reflect the spirit that pushes us to always go even further

beyond in the search of authentic wines, that express the best combination of each vineyard

and it’s variety following our instincts at the elaboration of high quality fine wines.

The Aymaras, Pre Columbian people and inhabitants of the Northern part of Chile, named a group or community TAMA;

just as our Vineyard Selection range that compose the proposal of more extensive wines of the Viña Anakena portfolio,

that reflect the diversity of planted varieties in our vineyards located at the best terroirs of Chile.
The philosophy behind our TAMA Vineyard Selection range is to show through these exceptional wines

what different terroirs can reveal in their respective variety.

Enco Reserve is inspired by the Pre Columbian cultures of the southern part of Chile,

which inhabited rivers and lakes that present a unique and captivating beauty. These landscapes inspire the search of Viña Anakena

to offer fine and unique wines, characteristic of our land and its privileged conditions to craft fine wines.